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Birthdate:Mar 17
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Life is like a box of chocolates indeed...with a high explosive, fragmentation filling.

Never pulls a punch for free.

In Which We Learn About the Girl Trapped in a Woman's Body:
- I am a mother, a wife, a soldier, a bartender, an Emergency Manager. In short, a disaster.
- I am seeking.
- There isn't enough time in one lifetime to truly live.
- I am an unabashed smoker. I don't conscientiously buy food or fair trade. I even feed my child white rice from time-to-time.
- I don't do "causes". Ever. I stand squarely in the middle, where Common Sense has curled into a ball and is whimpering while the rest of you hurl insults at one another and accomplish exactly nothing.
- When backed into a corner, I don't bite. I shoot.
- When faced with The Unknown Road Ahead, I have been known to occasionally sit on a rock in the fork and refuse to move until my GPS or compass start working again. In these times, I also growl at passers-by.
- I wish with all of my heart and soul that a red pen application would be released so that I could correct the seemingly endless pages of bad grammar, spelling and general brutalization of my native tongue (English) that I see every day on this computer screen.

This is only a part of the whole.

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